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What is Energy Management?   

 "Energy management" is the process of controlling the quantity and cost of energy a facility uses. "Controlling" is the key word - energy managers work proactively to minimize energy waste and incorporate the most appropriate sources of energy (natural gas. electricity, propane, solar, wind, ect.) for the task, while considering environmental impacts.

    Energy use can be controlled through programmatic or technological means - i.e. by changing the way the buildings are used and/or by incorporating energy-efficient technology (such as compact fluorescent lamps, which give the same light as incandescent lamps, but with one quarter of the energy). Other essential pieces of the energy management pie include:

  • Purchasing energy at the most economical price - through fuel selection and altering schedules to take advantage of your utility's rate structure.


  • Engaging and training staff - teaching all employees to identify ways to save energy through maintenance and operational improvements throughout the facility.
  • Establishing an on-going grogram - continually improving energy efficiency.

    The last point is very important. Energy management is an on-going program to save energy - not a one-time project to replace some obsolete or inefficient equipment.

Energy management should be a regular part of management's responsibility to maximize the owner's profits.




Provided by Energy Services of the Western Area Power Administration.